Announcing Mumble 1.2.4 beta

The Mumble team is proud to announce the first beta of Mumble 1.2.4.

This is a big step towards the next stable release in the 1.2 series.


Call for translations


Mumble version 1.2.4 is now feature complete. Accordingly we have entered string freeze before the upcoming release. This means there will be no new text added or replaced before the release.


Mumble for iOS 1.1.1

We’ve released an emergency iOS 6 bug fix for the Mumble iOS client today — Mumble for iOS 1.1.1.

It works around a compatibility issue with iOS 6 that caused users to be silent when transmitting audio. A few other crash bugs have also been fixed in the 1.1.1 release.


Opus codec now IETF standard (RFC 6716)

Mumble’s future primary codec Opus is now an official IETF standard (RFC 6716) and its reference implementations officially released. This is very good news for the Web as well as Mumble. If you want to figure out more about this new codec take a look at the announcements of Mozilla and the Xiph.Org Foundation .

Mumble for iOS 1.1

Today we’re releasing version 1.1 of the Mumble iOS app on the App Store.

This release addresses quite a few of the most sought-after features missing from the 1.0 version, along with fixes for various crashes and memory leaks.


Mumble for iOS 1.0

Today we’ve released Mumble for iOS 1.0 on the App Store.

This has been brewing for some time, but we are finally comfortable with calling this release 1.0, from both a feature and a UI perspective. The app is, of course, free of charge and open source.

UPDATE: The initial release was excluded from the App Store in France. We’ve since fixed this error, and apologize for any inconvenience this has caused!


IMPORTANT: Update to Mumble 1.2.3a

Due to an expiring certificate no Mumble 1.2.2 or newer released before today (15.01.2012) will work on the Windows Platform after 15 January 2012 11:36:47 GMT. If such an outdated Mumble is launched after that date the error message “A referral was returned by the server” will be displayed by Windows and Mumble will not start. You can get fixed installers from from our project page. You can get the fixed Mumble 1.


Snapshot auto update ooopss

We noticed a medium sized ooops in Mumble today. It seems that in February this year a regression slipped in that broke automatic update checks for snapshot builds. The regression is now fixed. We recommend all snapshot users to update to the new version by manually triggering an update check via “Help->Check for Update”. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Back online

After a 43 hour outage (4pm CET 24.09.11 till 11am CET 26.09.11) our services are up and running again. The outage caused by a cascading hardware failure destroyed, among other things, our servers back-plane and RAID-controller. To replace the defunct parts we had to rely on remote hands to provision replacements and do the repairs lengthening the process.

No data was lost in this incident (yes we would have had backups ;-)) and we are fully operational again.

Thank you for your patience.

Your Mumble team

ps: Thanks to our helpful remote hands.

pps: See our original announcement below.


Mumble 1.2.3 released

After a rather long development cycle we are proud to present: Mumble 1.2.3 stable. This stable marks the fourth release in our 1.2.X Mumble series and besides ton of bug-fixes introduces some long awaited features like recording, priority speakers and more.