We provide downloads for the official client and server programs. A Linux distribution may provide their own packages and have their own maintainer, which we will describe below. We also link to some third party projects.

Version 1.4.287 is the latest stable version of Mumble and was released on August 21st, 2022.

Note that we are no longer able to support macOS < 10.13 since Qt does not support these versions anymore.

Note also that you have to uninstall any previous Mumble version before installing 1.4, since the upgrade path is unfixably broken. See here for more info.

Suggested Mumble Version

We suggest a download by determining the operating system with JavaScript. However JavaScript seems to not be enabled. Please refer to the manual download choices instead.

Manual Download

Note: On Windows Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64 download and x86 download) is required to be installed.

Server note: Depending on the context and packager our server program is called “mumble-server” or “Murmur”

For the individual files and for a zipped sources file see the 1.4.282 GitHub release page.

Instructions on verifying GPG signatures of Mumble downloads can be found in the linked document.


Your distribution probably provides official packages for Mumble. Please refer to your OS packages. Distributions with official packages include Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Arch Linux, Mandriva/ROSA/Unity.


A Snap package is published and maintained by the third party Snapcraft community at


A Flatpak Package is published and maintained by the third party Flatpak community at

Mobile Clients

Note: The iOS app is unmaintained; last update in 2017.

Android (third party)

We do not currently provide an official Android client. However, you can use one of the third party clients (that we do not develop or support ourselves).

Development snapshots

Development snapshots contain unreleased features and changes that will eventually be available in the next stable release. Please report any problems you encounter on our issue tracker.

The most recent snapshot version is the third release candidate for Mumble 1.5.x (Release Announcement).

Note that we are currently not able to provide static server binaries for Linux nor are we able to provide a snapshot PPA for Linux just yet.

Note that we are no longer able to support macOS < 10.13 since Qt does not support these versions anymore.

Source Code

As a free software project the source code is publicly readable and under a permissive license.

Our Mumble project source code is hosted on GitHub as mumble. The iOS app as mumble-iphoneos.