1.4.0 Development Snapshot 5

Posted on April 21, 2021 by Robert Adam

With the arrival of the brand new plugin framework for Mumble, we release the fifth snapshot for the upcoming 1.4.0 stable release. Apart from that there were also a couple of other changes since the last snapshot.

After having understood what it means for a release to be a snapshot release (see below), you can download the new version from our Downloads page.

Development Snapshots

A development snapshot can be considered an open-beta for an upcoming feature release. This means that it contains the latest and greatest features that were introduced since the last feature release. Note though that in contrast to a release candidate the list of features that will be included in the final 1.4.0 release is not yet frozen and is thus subject to change.

This does also mean that these features have not been tested by a broad audience yet and are therefore likely to still contain bugs. These could be minor ones, but in theory these could also be major. Therefore it is important that you always back up your data (e.g. configuration files) if you have a previous version of Mumble installed.

Due to the reasoning stated above, we do not recommend using snapshots in an environment where stability of the software is key (e.g. in a business context).

That being said though, we strongly encourage you to try snapshots out if you are a tech-savvy person that can deal with potentially arising problems and report any problems you encounter to our issue tracker. This kind of feedback is very important for us to be able to make the actual release as stable and reliable as possible.


The changes listed here are relative to the last snapshot version.


  • Added: Plugin framework (#3743)
  • Changed: Disable echo cancellation on macOS by default (was reported to cause trouble) (#4914)
  • Fixed: CrashReporter considering 2xx codes as errors (#4929)
  • Fixed: Memory leak in ALSA implementation (#4916)
  • Fixed: Minor bugs in ALSA implementation (#4920)


  • Changed: Allow spaces in username by default (#4925)
  • Fixed: Fix undefined behavior on Linux hosts (#4915)


  • Fixed: Cryptographic init potentially failing silently (#4903)