Posted on November 13, 2010 by .D0T

Hello fellow Mumblers,

As you might have realised it has been quite some time since 1.2.2 was released and we are eager to take the next step: 1.2.3 stable.

Unfortunately there is one tricky thing about stable releases: They should be stable 🙂 With now more than 190.000 users using 1.2.2 we cannot risk pushing something out there that breaks what used to work or behaves erratically in other obvious ways. This is why we need YOUR HELP.

In our quest to exterminate each and every bug in Mumble, a quest at least as futile as honorable in software development, we rely on bugreports from you. If you want a quick and stable 1.2.3 release, then get one of our snapshots and test it. If you find a bug please visit our bugtracker and, unless there already is one, create a ticket. Please remember that for us to be able to fix the bug we will need as much information on it as possible.


The Mumble Team