Mumble 1.2.18

Posted on December 13, 2016 by mkrautz

The Mumble team has released version 1.2.18 of the Mumble VoIP application. Version 1.2.18 is a bugfix release in the stable 1.2-series of Mumble.

This version of Mumble fixes a few compatibility issues with macOS Sierra, along with a few general fixes.

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed a problem where some settings were improperly saved on macOS Sierra.
  • AppNap is now disabled via LSAppNapIsDisabled=true in the Info.plist.
  • Improved text rendering on Retina displays on macOS (NSHighResolutionCapable in Info.plist + a patched Qt 4).
  • The build now explicitly passes -std=c++98 unless CONFIG+=c++11, CONFIG+=c++14 or CONFIG+=c++1z is specified.
  • Mumble now includes /usr/lib/${MULTIARCH_TRIPLE}/c++11 in modern C++ mode (for Ubuntu’s Ice)

For a full changelog, please see the diff between 1.2.17 and 1.2.18 on GitHub.

You can download this release on GitHub. Enjoy!

The Mumble team