Mumble 1.5.517 (RC)

Posted on January 21, 2023 by Robert Adam

We are pleased to announce the new stable series of Mumble 1.5.x. This series is started out by means of an initial release candidate, that hopefully lets us verify that there are no major issues with this version before we perform the actual stable release.

You can download the new version from our Downloads page (under snapshots) or the GitHub release page.


This is the full changelog for this release (changes relative to the Mumble 1.4.x series).


  • Added: Ability to pin channels when filtering (#5923)
  • Added: Allow magnet-URIs for links (#5147)
  • Added: Channel filter toggle entry in context menu (#5923)
  • Added: Extended quit behavior setting (#5799)
  • Added: Immediately save settings instead of only on shutdown (#5531)
  • Added: Improve handling of IP masks in BanEditor (#5406)
  • Added: Improve positional audio with interaural delay effects (#5094)
  • Added: Introduce Positional Audio Viewer (#5127)
  • Added: Make minimal view show a not while not connected to a server (#5777)
  • Added: Notification thresholding (#4808)
  • Added: Option to change notification volume (#5725)
  • Added: Option to toggle TTS in settings menu (#5565)
  • Added: Opus as output format for recording (#5251)
  • Added: Prompt to load backup settings after crash (#5531)
  • Added: Separate IPv4 and IPv6 tooltip in server browser (#5714)
  • Added: Shortcut to listen to a channel (#4636)
  • Added: Shortcut to send plain text messages (instead of Markdown) (#5744)
  • Added: Support –version CLI flag (#5599)
  • Added: Tooltips for mute & deaf-buttons now depend on their state (#5141)
  • Added: User and Listener volume slider to context menus (#5776)
  • Added: Warn when attempting to use positional audio with mono output (#5247)
  • Changed: Default value for “hold time” - set to “industry standard” (#5438)
  • Changed: Drop support for all legacy audio codecs - only Opus remains (#5869)
  • Changed: Drop the version from window title (#5164)
  • Changed: Fetch cypher info about used cyphers at runtime instead of hard coding them (#5566)
  • Changed: Increase the maximum value for the silent user lifetime setting (TalkingUI) (#5297)
  • Changed: Make https the default link protocol (#5620)
  • Changed: Make listener icon fit with other icons (#5470)
  • Changed: Make lock icons fit with other icons (#5455)
  • Changed: Show action icons in menu bar where applicable (#5771)
  • Changed: Show lost packages instead of received ones in server browser tooltips (#5594)
  • Changed: Use JSON file for storing settings (#5531)
  • Changed: Use Protobuf for UDP messages (#5594)
  • Fixed: Adapt Qt behavior change regarding padding in QMenu (#5771)
  • Fixed: Always stop audio on/off cue when switching state (#6018)
  • Fixed: Audio wizard being shown repeatedly (#5596)
  • Fixed: Broken link targets with percent signs (#5821)
  • Fixed: Clear shortcut data also for user-types (#4636)
  • Fixed: DB not found after migration on Windows (#5593)
  • Fixed: DB transactions not effective (#5531)
  • Fixed: Fallback theme (#5088)
  • Fixed: Make channel links in the chat bar work again (#5916)
  • Fixed: Make hiding UI elements persistent again (#5833)
  • Fixed: Remove gaps within chat bar (#5927)
  • Fixed: Save shortcuts in a single DB transaction (#5531)
  • Fixed: TTS volume not passed in proper format (#5725)
  • Fixed: Target and permission selection (#5917)
  • Fixed: Unresponsiveness due to shortcut system overload (#5944)


  • Added: Ability to flag bot connections (#5948)
  • Added: Make channel listeners persistent for registered users (#5856)
  • Added: Option to disallow recording (#5298)
  • Added: Support –version CLI flag (#5599)
  • Added: Support for the tracy profiler (#5396)
  • Changed: Clear priority speaker flag when switching channels (#5925)
  • Changed: Enforce Opus by default (#5594)
  • Changed: Make joining root channel explicit (#5324)
  • Changed: Remove gRPC implementation (#5552)
  • Changed: Use Protobuf for UDP messages (#5594)
  • Fixed: Don’t ignore explicit PermissionQuery (#5767)
  • Fixed: Don’t send useless UserState message (#5893)
  • Fixed: Don’t silently ignore errors in INI (#5751)
  • Fixed: Look for mumble-server* files instead of only for murmur* (#5838)
  • Fixed: Make rememberchannelduration work as expected (#5918)
  • Fixed: Permission checks for temporary channels (#5925)
  • Fixed: Potential crash (#5628)

Positional audio plugins

  • Added: Rewrite GTAV plugin to use signatures and game structs (#5704)
  • Fixed: Force 8 bytes alignment for CCameraAngles in GTAV plugin (#5850)
  • Fixed: Update GTAV plugin to version 1.59.2612 (#5679)

Known issues

  • Overlay blocked by BattleEye. A request to whitelist it has been made.
  • Overlay blocked by CS:GO Trusted Mode
  • Autoscroll of chat window not working properly on Linux (#4638, #2504)
  • macOS binaries not being notarized (overlay installer not signed) (#4263)