1.4.0 Release Candidate 1

Posted on September 12, 2021 by Robert Adam

Quite some time has passed since our last snapshot back in May of this year. Since then we have worked hard to polish things up further and are therefore now able to present to you the first release candidate (RC) of Mumble 1.4.0.

You can download the new version from our Downloads page.


The changes listed here are relative to the last snapshot version.


  • Changed: Increased minimum macOS version to 10.13 (which is what Qt requires) #5250
  • Changed: Display unit as suffix in SpinBox (#5017)
  • Changed: Do not play the mute cue when push-to-muted (#5047)
  • Changed: Resize posted images to 800x600 instead of 420x270 (#5050)
  • Fixed: Ambiguity in plugin installer (#5123)
  • Fixed: Application freeze when cancelling audio wizard (#5083)
  • Fixed: Crash when using the PipeWire audio backend (#5080)
  • Fixed: Issues when updating installed plugins on Windows (#5167)
  • Fixed: Migrate Windows shortcuts from versions older than 1.4.0 properly (#5205)
  • Fixed: PluginInstaller unable to extract zips on Windows (#5109)
  • Fixed: Positional audio not working properly after canceling audio wizard (#5046)
  • Fixed: Potential deadlocks in plugins (#5163)
  • Fixed: PulseAudio not initializing (#5184)
  • Fixed: Remove unnecessary waiting during application startup (Mumble now starts up way faster) (#5168)
  • Fixed: onAudioOutputAboutToPlay plugin API function used wrong parameter order (#5115)
  • Fixed: requestLocalUserTransmissionMode plugin API function now properly integrates with UI (#5116)


  • Fixed: Always bind to both IPv6 and IPv4 by default (#5212)
  • Fixed: Database upgrade path ignoring specific data field (#5142)
  • Fixed: Missing lock in Ice-call setACL (#5136)
  • Fixed: Possible DB corruption due to missing locks (#5044)
  • Fixed: Tray icon not shown on Windows (#5173)
  • Fixed: Wrong “Unable to find matching CELT codec” warning upon connecting (#5112)

Positional audio plugins

  • Added: Update & port GTA5 to new Plugin API (#5162)
  • Fixed: Update Among Us plugin to work with v2021.6.30s (#5189)
  • Fixed: Update Source Engine plugin to work with L4D2 (#5190)

Known issues

  • Overlay blocked by BattleEye. A request to whitelist it has been made.
  • Overlay blocked by CS:GO Trusted Mode
  • Autoscroll of chat window not working properly on Linux (#4638, #2504)
  • Certain special characters are not rendered on Windows (#4939)
  • The RC is still being displayed as a “snapshot”
  • Positional audio will not work across 1.4.0 clients and older ones (#5217)