Hacktoberfest - GitHub contribution event

Posted on October 1, 2020

Hacktoberfest is a yearly month-long event encouraging contributions on GitHub, organized by the cloud hoster Digital Ocean. You can find more information about the event on the Hacktoberfest website.

The spirit of the event is to strengthen communities and encourage contribution. As a physical encouragement with four eligible contributions you can get a free T-shirt and stickers. See the project website for details.

This post is meant as a shoutout to this event, but also to lay out how we intend to handle it and to point out how you can start contributing to our project.

We marked our issue tickets that are marked with the good first issue label with the Hacktoberfest label as well. These could be a good starting point for new contributors.

The help wanted label also contains tickets for which we would welcome contributions. These may be more difficult or more effort though.

But the event is not limited to these tickets. In fact not even limited to tickets at all. Any created Pull Request is eligible as a contribution unless marked as invalid or spam. Please see the event website for specifics.

In general we welcome contributions. If you are unsure of how you can best spend your time with us, or whether to invest time into a specific solution, feel free to comment on tickets and feature requests, create a ticket for discussion, create draft pull request laying out a design and concept, or reaching out to us in chat.

Good luck and have fun!