Mumble 1.3.1 Release Announcement

Posted on June 8, 2020 by Jan Klass

The Mumble team has released version 1.3.1 of the Mumble VoIP application. This is a bugfix and security release of the current and stable 1.3 series.

You can download the new version from our Downloads page or the GitHub release page or from within your Windows client or software package management system.

Changes in this Version


  • Fixed: Potential exploit in the OCB2 encryption (#4227)


  • Fixed: Added missing UserKDFIterations field to UserInfo => Prevents getRegistration() from failing with enumerator out of range error (#3835)


  • Fixed: Segmentation fault during murmur shutdown (#3938)


  • Fixed: Crash when using multiple monitors (#3756)
  • FIxed: Don’t send empty message from clipboard via shortcut, if clipboard is empty (#3864)
  • Fixed: Talking indicator being able to freeze to indicate talking when self-muted (#4006)
  • Fixed: High CPU usage for update-check if update server not available (#4019)
  • Fixed: DBus getCurrentUrl returning empty string when not in root-channel (#4029)
  • Fixed: Small parts of whispering leaking out to normal talk (#4051)
  • Fixed: Last audio frame of normal talking sent to last whisper target instead when using VoiceActivation (#4050)
  • Fixed: LAN-icon not found in ConnectDialog (#4058)
  • Improved: Set maximal vertical size for User Volume Adjustment dialog (#3801)
  • Improved: Don’t send empty data to PulseAudio (#3316)
  • Improved: Use the SRV resolved port for UDP connections (#3820)
  • Improved: Manual Plugin UI (#3919)
  • Improved: Don’t start Jack server by default (#3990)
  • Improved: Overlay doesn’t hook into all other processes by default (#4041)
  • Improved: Wait longer before disconnecting from a server due to unanswered Ping-messages (#4123)


  • Fixed: Possibility to circumvent max user-count in channel (#3880)
  • Fixed: Rate-limit implementation susceptible to time-underflow (#4004)
  • Fixed: OpenSSL error 140E0197 with Qt >= 5.12.2 (#4032)
  • Fixed: VersionCheck for SQL for when to use the WAL feature (#4163)
  • Fixed: Wrong database encoding that could lead to server-crash (#4220)
  • Fixed: DB crash due to primary key violation (now performs “UPSERT” to avoid this) (#4105)
  • Improved: The fields in the Version ProtoBuf message are now size-restricted in order to avoid attacks that can render another client unresponsive (#4101)

Windows Installer

  • Improved: Mumble icon (now properly displayed) (#4204)